French ‘Plays in a Day’

You can find my 3 French pantomime-style Plays in a Day now on TES Resources.

Petit Chaperon Rouge (ages 7-10) – featuring the Wolf who loves Shaggy’s Boombastic.

Blanche Neige et les Sept Reporters (ages 10-14) –  featuring lots of small, attention-seeking reporters trying to cover a news story about trapped miners.

Cindy va à Hollywood  (ages 10-14) – with a jolly  ‘France has Talent’ Show in the middle section.


  • Lots of humour and great fun 
  • Most of the dialogue is in English but there’s plenty of French, repeated and reinforced visually.
  •  Duration around 30 mins.
  • 13-22 in the cast (scope for flexibility, sharing and doubling of roles). 
  • Other pupils can be used for sound, props, poster and programme design etc
  • Can be worked on in 1 day (with scripts) – intensive work with a scripted performance at the end of the day.
  • Show in assembly or at a languages celebration event; or just have fun reading it through.
  • Ideal for a language/ drama festival competition.
  • It could fill a few weeks of lunchtime and after school French clubs.
  • Sixth-formers could also help out.
  • Language is visual and contextualised.
  • Audience will also understand it easily as the story is familiar and the French is explained.
  • The full scripts contain details of props and sound effects, with links to downloadable sound effects.
  • Vocabulary lists are also included with the full version  showing the vocabulary on each page.
  • A 4 page extract of the opening scenes are also available as a free taster.

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