Online classroom tools

TOP 20 or so  FAVOURITE CLASSROOM TOOLS  (click here for a pdf version of this page) Countdown Timers, word randomizers, and a wealth of other resources – online;       The Fakebook and Twister features are definitely worth considering for creative homeworks
Triptico IWB resources – scoreboards, word spinners, ‘Find 10’ game. The best is Word Magnets which lets you drag words around to make sentences or position pupils’ names on a grid. Now requires a subscription
Random word picker There’s a randomizer here: Google: primary school + random name picker. (works best on Chrome). is also Ok (see above).
Blockbusters grid Use Teachers Direct – Quizbusters:
Discovery education   puzzle maker
textscrambler Try this:   Iconscrabble creates cool IT style icon fonts with short words
Text reverser   (also contains other tools like case converter, vowel remover space remover, etc)     Also
Sandfield school Flash resources Sandfields Comp IWB resources
Countdown timer       includes bomb etc
Wheel spinner   – make your own wheel spinner random selector – could be useful for picking pupils, topics, keywords, verb forms
Textivate Input short text and textivate creates various exercises : gap fills, sequencing etc. Subscription needed
Classic Arcade games  Play these retro games as a reward / incentive – great for motivating the disenchanted outsiders. Arkanoid and Mini putt are my favourites
Graffiti creator             Only one or two words at a time but is amazing – good for display work
online- stopwatch Lots of onscreen timers; count up is easy. It took me ages to work out countdown timer. So, to set 1 minute: key in 1, then 0 then 0 again. This shifts to the ‘1’ two spaces to the left
Countdown timer See above
Speaking clock (French) Horloge parlante
Online dice roller
Word dice lets you input words on 2 dice but you can’t save- so you have to do it live
scoreboards See   then Tools : scoreboards (seems to be the only free content on site)
Akinator Just pure fun. Guessing game.   Good for understanding questions & vocab. A multi-language guess-who/ guess what
gapfill generator   Easier to use than it appears – enter text, add square brackets round the words to disappear. Click generate. Can be done on screen or printed.   Google: English + random idea + gapfill generator