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Kahoot – student response system

Amazing response to using kahoot quizzes in class. It really is worth a go because the interface is so clear.  It also shows a leader board after each question, as well as the usual option to show a summary at the end   If your school has a no mobile policy, this may persuade your managers to change it.  Or students can use tablets and PCs.

To make the quiz, teacher uses

To play the quiz, students go to 

Keep Fit French

Here’s a 30 second clip of our Keep Fit French’ dance-off competition. Lots of you have asked how it works. We run it as a competition for year 7 at Christmas.  It’s basically a 6 minute powerpoint with images in different parts of the screen & a target phrase. Pupils take one step in the direction of the correct image and then back to their starting position.  There are about 80 slides.

Great results in terms of fun, comprehension and motivation. Pupils who are not too good at writing often do really well.  I’m happy to run it for you if you provide about 30 keen volunteers.


Language wrap is a long-awaited, much needed update to Jon Meier’s Language Sandwich.  I created the original site around 2004.

Things have moved on since then. The aim is to cover my main areas of professional expertise and interest: Media, Languages and Classroom Practice

The best thing about the old site is probably the grammar section, (French)   (German) . This will , I hope, remain useful and timeless. As far as GCSE is concerned it will be back in vogue, or …. should that be Gove.

I can’t remember how much time I spent building the old site. Needless to say, I did not see my 2 young kids for several weeks.

Anyway the new site brings together resources which I have written over several years. The aim is to provide some high quality free content and to introduce some paid-for content later.